Doing weird things in the name of art!


The ArtPolice is a collaboration. We have no rules.

If necessity is the mother of invention...

What is the father?
The answer is...improvisation!


A "butt-crack" Krewe of Art Police
from left:
Philippe - Are We Really? - Rheingold - Zim
In the background are Marty and Matisse and Fasman and
the Parallel Gurl in her parallel world.
I think Mame is there and JudyJudyJudy
and Zoe & Rowan and Kim
and Hilarie and Tex and all of those Art Police
who have gone before us or in front of us
or around us or through us . . .
including Helvetica.

Marty ... influencing the youth.

Art Police Krewe Projects

Many of these art projects were produced in conjunction with
Peter Barsotti andBob Barsotti
from Bill Graham Presents in San Francisco.

Are We Really? and The Art Police
want to thank them for supporting our efforts
and providing the opportunities.

We also want to thank Grateful Dead Productions
for allowing The Art Police and other Krewes of Deadheads
to express our art during their shows.
It was indeed a long strange trip!

a partial listing

Grateful Dead related

1991 Grateful Dead Mardi Gras Parade - The Baby Jester
1992 Grateful Dead Mardi Gras Parade - The King & Queen and Mr. Bones
1993 Grateful Dead Mardi Gras Parade -Bill Clinton
1993 Grateful Dead Chinese New Year Parade - The Immortals
1994 Grateful Dead Chinese New Year Parade - Rock & The Immortals
1995 Grateful Dead Mardi Gras Parade - Skelvis
1995 Jerry Garcia Memorial Celebration in Golden Gate Park
1996 Neville Brothers & Rat Dog Mardi Gras - Psychedelic Bozos
1996 New Orleans by the Bay - Psychedelic Bozos
1996 Fillmore Auditorium, Dick's Picks Volume5 CD release party - Psychedelic Bozos
with Bill Clinton, SkJerry and Rock stage installations
Various Dick's Picks CD release party installations
Dick's Picks #10 CD Release Party - Philadelphia Bozos

Many of these works of art used to reside at
The Psychedelic Shop
1098 Market Street in San Francisco
which is now closed.

Non Grateful Dead related
Eyes & Ears, Billboard Cafe, South of Market 1978 to1988
Rooftop Billboard, SOMAR, San Francisco 1979 to 1990
Club Nine, South of Market San Francisco 1984 & 1985
Paul McCartney in Berkeley - Bill Graham Presents/Berkeley Stadium
Gathering of the Tribes - Bill Graham Presents/Shoreline Amphitheater
Wavy Gravy for Berkeley City Council
Lollapalooza Tours 1991 & 1992 - Bill Graham Presents
WOMAD 1994 , Polo Fields, Golden Gate Park - Bill Graham Presents
Twister, Ken Kesey the Merry Pranksters 1994 - Fillmore Auditorium
Triskaidecaphobia, Kesey & Ken Babbs - Maritime Hall
Father Time, San Francisco New Year's Eve 1996/1997
Krewe of Perpetuance, Fillmore Auditorium, Fat Tuesday 1998
The MadHatters, New Orleans by the Bay & other stuff.
The Jester has been at Camp Winnarainbow, The Pignic,
Tours with Left Over Salmon and New Orleans by the Bay
at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California.


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